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MicroForensics' TITAN is an easy to use, cost effective and powerful solution for surveying and collecting potentially responsive ESI by keyword, file type and other key metadata.


Titan is a powerful, flexible collection and preservation tool that identifies and gathers potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) from a variety of sources.


Use Titan to identify and collect active files based on keyword search and metadata including owner, creation date, modification date, or file type (for example, Excel, Word, PDF). Titan will create forensically-defensible copies of all selected items.


Titan scans laptops, desktops, enterprise file shares, common computer forensics file formats, and any other storage source on a network accessible in Windows.


Its robust data survey functionality provides a detailed report of all files that match your search criteria. If you decide to collect the files meeting your search criteria, Titan places forensically defensible copies of all selected files into a FileSafe (Logical Evidence File) container or exports them as exact native copies.


Titan is also fully integrated with Symantec Enterprise Vault™.


Titan provides indispensible benefits for companies that need to identify, or collect and preserve content as part of an early “meet and confer” meeting or to satisfy an obligation to preserve ESI. Focused on the real-world needs of legal, IT and computer forensics professionals, MicroForensics’ products are easy to use and cost effective, while providing the power, scale, and flexibility needed by companies and government agencies of all sizes.

Key Features:

  • Forensically-defensible identification and retrieval of potentially responsive ESI from file shares or custodians desktops or laptops
  • High-speed data sampling to create survey of potentially relevant ESI
  • Identify and collect files based on keyword search or a variety of file attributes, including document owner, creation date, modification date, or file type
  • Intuitive user interface and fully-programmable command line interface to automate even the most complicated collections
  • On-demand crawl and collection of files and complete metadata information
  • On the fly de-duplication and de-NISTing with complete logging of duplicates and known files
  • Chain-of-custody logging and fingerprinting of all collected content
  • Flexible deployment including execution from thumb drive or external hard drive
  • Automatically documents the collection/culling process

Key Benefits:

  • Provides interactive surveys - for FRCP 26 preparation and to determine custodians, test searches, find relevant ESI, assess data population metrics, and so on - all at a fraction of the cost of a full-scale acquisition effort
  • Combines three initial steps in the EDRM continuum (Identification, Preservation/Collection and Processing) into a single product priced at a fraction of the cost of comparable products or services
  • Reduces volume and downstream processing costs by culling during collection, by user, date range, file type, keywords/phrases
  • Saves valuable time by enabling immediate examination of relevant data by attorneys and other reviewers
  • Performs surveys or collections without disturbing users or disrupting normal business activity
  • Search and collect culled ESI simultaneously from multiple computers 24/7

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We have created guides covering a variety of topics that Titan users may find useful. Check back soon, as new guides covering different topics will be added periodically.

    Running Titan CLI from a Batch File [PDF version]
    Scheduling Titan CLI using Windows Task Scheduler [PDF version]
    Importing the NIST hash database into Titan Collector [PDF version]


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