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MicroForensics and Nuix have formed a partnership to provide the recently launched Nuix Collector Suite. Nuix Collector Suite provides a powerful, easy-to-use and forensically sound solution for identifying and collecting potentially responsive digital evidence for companies, law firms and litigation support professionals.

The Nuix Collector Suite offers three tailored tools that can be used independently or as a complete solution:

Nuix Collector for SharePoint provides a fast and defensible means of collecting ESI from Microsoft SharePoint sites, maintaining the exact look-and-feel as it existed at the time of collection. Learn more

Nuix Collector for Networks enables organizations to automate the collection of ESI from laptops, desktops, MS SharePoint sites, enterprise file shares and common computer forensic file formats stored on a Windows accessible network. Learn more

Nuix Collector Portable enables organizations to simply and rapidly collect data in the field. Users pre-configure collection hard-drives or thumb drives to identify and selectively collect ESI from laptops, desktops and enterprise file shares. It is an easy "plug and play" solution and the end user needs no expertise or specialist training. Learn more

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