Data Recovery Service


If you are an attorney or private investigator, your case may hinge on the data residing on someone's computer. But how will you extract it in your discovery process to help you win?


With 40 years of experience in computer operating systems, hardware, and software development, the team at Microforensics is trained to preserve, identify, extract, recover, analyze and document electronic files as evidence in civil or criminal proceedings.

Date Recovery Services:

  • Complete discovery process for recovering documents, spreadsheets, images and the vast majority of file formats on most computer platforms
  • Counseling attorneys and clients on all technological aspects of digital data and intellectual property
  • Providing expert testimony, or assisting in technical personnel depositions
  • Forensic imaging and duplication of computer hard drives or other media
  • Recovery of e-mails/Internet paths from points of origin
    Chat session reconstruction
  • Internet browsing histories complete with time lines
  • Complete chain of custody and evidence preservation
    A fully mobile forensics team for emergency on-site computer forensics

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